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Landscaping and Tree Services

Home Watch Services

Lawn Service

  • Lawn to be cut weekly during growing season (April - October)

  • Bi-weekly in the winter months (November - March)

  • All plant beds edged with every mowing

  • All cement areas blown off with every mowing.

Tree Pruning

Increase the curb appeal of your property with professional tree trimming and tree pruning services. This also helps in preventing the premature breaking of limbs and keeps your trees healthy and beautiful.

Landscape Bed

Areas Only

  • Once Per month

  • All shrubs pruned and shaped

  • All ground weeds sprayed with Herbicide

  • Any large weeds hand-pulled

Tree Removal

Dead or diseased trees on your property can compromise the safety of your loved ones as well as your property. Root growth can damage sidewalks, driveways or crack the foundation of the house.

Commercial Landscaping

  • Mowing, trimming, edging

  • Pruning and weed control

  • Monthly Inspection

  • Insurance and permits

  • Mulch supplied in winter months at no additional charge

Stump Griding

Stumps rot and decay over time and the mold they grow can be dangerous to the environment, spreading disease and infection. Stumps can be a hazard to people walking through your yard. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with fast and effective stump grinding.

Home Watch Services

An unoccupied home can be a vulnerable one. Preventative measures taken to monitor your home while you're away, gives you peace of mind while you're not here. With many of our customers being seasonal residents, we can provide additional services to assist you with your home needs, as well as your lawn and landscaping needs.

Exterior Home Watch Services

  • Driveway/Entryway: remove newspapers, packages, etc.

  • Walk the property - check windows/doors, lanai

  •  Pool/Spa - visually appear to be in good working condition - no abnormal sounds or visible water leaks. Water levels and cleanliness good?

  • Landscaping - lawn, shrubs, trees look ok?

  • Garage and/or Vehicle checks

Interior Home Watch Services

  • A/C settings check - humidistat, thermostat

  • Breaker Box - no tripped breakers

  • Water Heaters (electric-off, gas-low, tankless-off)

  • Sinks/Tubs/Disposal- nothing dripping, looks good?

  • Ice Maker - off

  • Toilets - flush, remove water stains

  • Doors/Windows - closed/locked

  • Ceilings - look for visible leaks

  • Mold - free of visible signs of mold or orders

  • Insects/Rodents - no infestations

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