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Hurricane Preparedness

The best time to prepare for a hurricane is before hurricane season begins on June 1. Take a proactive approach to mitigate the risks associated with storms by preparing your property.

Tropical Storm

How to Prepare your Trees and your Yard

Prune Early 

Do your pruning at the beginning of the storm season rather than right before a storm. Correct pruning is the most important part of helping trees survive hurricanes.

Inspect your Trees
and Shrubs

Remove any rotting or damaged branches and roots. Dead branches are likely to fall in heavy winds. If you have dead or unhealthy trees, you should have them removed. Overly long branches should be shortened and branches with cracks removed or shortened.

Sprinklers and Irrigation

Sprinkler systems should be in the off mode before the storm. Hurricanes bring lots of rain which is not a good thing for plant roots.

Hurricane Ian Damage

Hurricane Ian is the most recent reminder that it takes just one hurricane to cause widespread damage. The storm was responsible for $112.9 billion in damage, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Additional resources covering What to do Before a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, are provided by the National Weather Service.

Also check out this website which provides a list of hurricane resources in Florida. They offer everything from a disaster supply kit checklist, FEMA links, free hurricane apps, and everything in between. Definitely worth checking out.

Be sure to have your trees evaluated by a professional. Hurricane season peaks from late August through September. Get prepared now. Our specialists can get your trees and shrubs prepared today. 

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